Technical data sheet

InoTec Electrolyte PRG 907

Electrolyte for anodic surface treatment of austenitic chrome nickel steels

Field of application

Electropolishing of austenitic chrome nickel steels


The electrolyte is designed for electropolishing process/bath.
Read the packing label before use and follow the instructions.


Product with relatively high endurance and excellent dispersion.
High current loads are possible. Optimal corrosion resistance; surface tension relief and reduction of microcracks.
High passivity, good reflectivity and a distinct adhesion resistance are achieved.


We offer an extensive analytic bath monitoring, which guarantees economical working on a high quality level.


The product and the rinsing water must not be lead into the sewage system.
The product and the rinsing water must be disposed of according to legal requirements (hazardous waste).
Treatment in neutralisation plant or disposal by an authorised company is mandatory.
Local statutory regulations must be followed.

Safety advice

The product contains sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid (C, corrosive).
Follow safety advice and instructions from EC safety data sheet.

Declaration for transport

Corrosive liquid, acid inorganic liquid, not noted otherwise.
UN-No. 3264, class 8 / PG II. ADR/RID

Packing units

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