Technical data sheet

InoTec Passivation Agent PV

Passivation solution for pickled stainless steal surfaces
(for the immediate development of the passive layer)


Field of application

For the immediate development of a protective passive layer,
immediately after the successful pickling process with InoTec pickling products.


Spraying, immersing or manual application with a paint brush.
Apply a sufficient amount of the product evenly to the pickled
and dried stainless steel surface.

Read the packing label before use and follow the instructions.


15– 20 m2 stainless steel surface per kg InoTec Passivation Agent PV.

Residence time

15 – 20 minutes
Dependent on the material quality, welding process, component and ambient temperature.
Optimal pickling temperature: 18°C – 22°C.


Cold water or water bose and cleaning brush.
Rinse until rinsing water is neutral (to be checked with indicator paper).


The product and the rinsing water must not be lead into the sewage system.
The product and the rinsing water must be disposed of according to legal requirements (hazardous waste).
Treatment in neutralisation plant or disposal by an authorised company is mandatory.
Local statutory regulations must be followed.

Safety advice

The product contains phosphoric acid.
Follow safety advice and instructions from EC safety data sheet.

Declaration for transport

Corrosive liquid, toxic.
Nitric Acid
UN-No. 2031, class 8 / PG III. ADR/RID

Packing units

Canister 10 kg Item-No.: 59-999-15

Canister 20 kg Item-No.: 59-999-17

Canister 30 kg Item-No.: 59-999-18

Barrel 200 kg Item-No.: 59-994-19

IBC 1000 kg Item-No.: 59-994-20

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